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Welcome to the website of Cargo IHL – International Shipping Company

Since 2010 Cargo group has served  customers and has delivered consignments with a total weight of

A complete package of forwarding services

We offer our customers a complete package of forwarding and logistics services. We provide an optimal solution for shipments by sea, railroad and the road, consignment forwarding, and customs clearance. And of course all your shipped goods are fully insured against any damage or loss.

International sea transport

We provide conventional, container and combined sea transport to and from countries around the world. Our services use the largest and most well established international shipping lines. We use all available types of containers. Apart from shipments which contain regular goods, we also provide shipments of safe and hazardous chemicals and shipments of oversize and heavy cargo.

Combined shipments

As part of our “door-to-door” service, we provide our clients with combined sea, railroad and road shipments on container chassis and railroad shipments on integrated trains.

Partial shipments - Carriage by sea

Our services include transport of collection and partial consignments for export and import, collection and distribution of consignments, our own customs and non-tariff customs warehouse, handling, and other related services.

Warehousing and customs services

Warehousing and related services are conducted in our warehouse located in the town of Hořovice near Beroun, close to Highway D5. We offer services including a customs warehouse, non-tariff customs warehouse, short-term and long-term warehousing, all types of handling work, assembly of consignments and collection and distribution of goods throughout the Czech Republic. Our customs service and customs clearance is provided in cooperation with our contractual customs broker located at the Customs Office in the city of Kladno.

We will be happy to offer you an optimal solution for your transport requirements, whether they happen on the roads, or on the seas. In the event of any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cargo IHL, s.r.o. has been active in the area of shipping and logistics services since 1995 and is one of the leading Czech companies operating in this sector.

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